The Big Book of Little Amigurumi: 72 Seriously Cute Patterns to Crochet-TPPb1308
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1. 저자 : Ana Paula Rimoli 
2. 내용 : 칼라이미지와 설명, 영어 / 이미지는 너무 많아서 일부만 올립니다. ^^
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4. 책사이즈: 약 21.5 X 21.5 Cm
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That Patchwork Place® The Big Book Of Little Amigurumi Book- 72 Seriously Cute Patterns to Crochet. 
Amigurumi is a Japanese word that means crocheted doll whose pervading aesthetic is cuteness. 
Kids love soft and squishy toys they can hug and easily carry around the house and even into the car. 
Given the right characters, they'll even give them names and make up stories about them. 
Here's a collection of quirky, lovable, and completely irresistible characters. 
From baby animals with a parent, to fruits and vegetables, a hot dog in a bun with bottles of ketchup and mustard, 
robots, a tea set with cookies, even a soft tool set with screwdriver, file, hammer and pliers.
176 pages in a soft cover.


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